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The Graduate School of Science, which is made up of 6 departments—Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, and Mathematics and Science Education—broadly covers new frontier areas that are being pioneered one after another outside of the existing limits, in addition to the basic areas of science. The Graduate School, which approaches research activities at global standards where faculty members and students are unified, is a high-level research and educational institution in Japan. Many faculties, being members of "Water Frontier Science & Technology Research Center" which has been selected as a Private University Research Branding Project by MEXT, are carrying out advanced and original research relating water on the material surface. In addition, with the aim of supporting graduate students who wish to foray into new sectors, Department of Physics as well as Applied Physics have adopted "Joint Graduate School System" that welcomes active front-line researchers from outside of the University as visiting faculty members.


  1. The objective of the master's course is to provide instruction and research guidance on theories and applications of science from a broad perspective, on top of the fundamentals of general and specialized education that students have learned in Undergraduate School, to cultivate human resources full of deep knowledge and research capabilities, through which they can contribute to the advancement of cultures.
  2. The objective of the doctoral course is to add knowledge from new perspectives to the academic awareness of the past, contribute to the advancement of culture, and foster the capacity to provide guidance on research related to students' major fields of study, by providing guidance to cultivate original research capabilities.